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Q. What if no speed is displayed?

  1. Check battery(s) with a voltage met\er to be sure they are outputting at least 12 volts.
  2. Check battery charger indicator lights. Be sure there is power to the charger from your outlet and power out from the charger measures higher than 12 volts.
  3. Check your “Set Time” feature and be sure your clock is set properly to display at the correct times. If in doubt, disable the set time feature.

Q. What if a “NR” is displayed:
Please note the radar can be accessed via a panel on the back side of the LED display. Use the “L” key to remove the tamper resistant screws and slide the cover over.

  1. Check the radar gun connector to be sure of a good connection.
  2. Check the indicator light on the back of the radar unit:
  • A solid red LED indicates a vehicle traveling away from the unit is being measured.
  • A solid Green LED indicates a vehicle traveling towards the unit is being measured.
  • A flashing red LED indicates power but no target is being acquired.

Q. If display is not showing the proper oncoming vehicles –

Please see your manual, Section 7.

Q. If you loose your keys:

The On/Off key and enclosure “triangle” key can be purchased from RU2 Systems. Please call for pricing.

Note: In a pinch, the “triangle” lock may be opened by placing a flat head screw driver into the grove and gently turning counter clockwise.

The Trimax lock for the display is unique for each unit. Please note your key number and contact the manufacturer for more information:

Trimax, Model #T-2 Class II ½” Pin
PO Box 4161
Englewood, CO 80155
Phone: 303-796-8500, Fax 303-796-8540



Please call us toll free at 866-982-2107 and ask for technical assistance, 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM MST, Monday through Friday.

IF the tech can’t walk you through to an answer it’s probably time for an RMA. Someone will most likely will grill you for a bunch of information and issue you an RMA number. On receipt of your unit* we will diagnose the problem, determine if it is or is not a warranty issue, quote you a firm price for repair if appropriate and eagerly await your response.

Now, sometimes the bullets go all the way through but don’t cause as much damage as you might expect. Yes, what I’m saying here is that vandalism is the most likely cause of failure. But unlike some outfits we don’t view “Service” as a profit center, merely a cost of doing business. So don’t freak out. Sure, we’re trying to cover our costs and all. We have to keep our doors open or we won’t be any good to you at all! But we want your continued business, to talk nice about us to your neighboring communities and the like. So no, we are not going to soak you.

* Virtually everything of technical importance on our products is “UPS-able”.

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