Law Enforcement

As a safety service to their community, law enforcement agencies deploy speed signs and trailers around their cities in school zones, work zones, play grounds, and any place where motorists need to pay special attention to their speed. Several models are tailored for the police community from VMS trailers to small radar display trailers.

The VMS display trailer is a multi-use tool for showing messages to approaching vehicles such as “DUI CHECK POINT AHEAD”, directional arrows, or even announcing a local event. As a radar trailer, it can display speeds with up to 40” high numbers on our larger model. If one was so inclined the VMS trailer is even capable of doing animation and showing pictures.

Adaptive Displays also manufactures radar speed trailers that will fit several budgets from our 7′ high swing up display with 18” numbers to our 4′ high fixed mounted display with 12” numbers.

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