“Traffic Count” Data Package

Adaptive’s data collection platform uses non-contact technology so that
deployment of pneumatic tubing is not required. The acquisition package utilizes the
streaming data acquired from the radar gun. Advanced proprietary algorithms filters
and analyzes the radar data stream to determine what is and is not a discrete target.
Each oncoming vehicle’s speed is recorded with a time/date stamp.

This methodology provides moderate to excellent accuracy somewhat dependent on
environmental variables as all single-gun systems are. Its best application is for
determining peak load times and violation concentrations for complaint verification
and scheduling deployment of traffic enforcement officers.

The collected data is saved on a Secure Data (SD) card and can be downloaded to
any* computer with the provided card reader. The data can then be analyzed by
Adaptive’s Traffic Count Software package included with the system or software capable of
accepting a comma delimited ASCII text file, such as Microsoft® Excel. Tabulated
reports and charts include Survey Summary, Vehicle Count, Speed, and Time/date,
85th Percentile, 15 Minute, 1 Hour, Daily and Weekly analysis, etc

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Scott Palmersheim“Traffic Count” Data Package