Adaptive Pole Mount Speed Feedback Signs

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With three distinct “looks,” Adaptive manufactures quality radar speed signs to fit your needs. All of our speed radar displays feature a full matrix display which provides rounded numbers that look like numbers really should! The speed signs are easily read at a glance by passing motorists. All of our signs assist with traffic data collection. The numbers are also equipped with automatic intensity controls so the radar speed display is bright enough during the day, but won’t be blinding at night or in poor weather conditions.

The speed sign formats mentioned above serve different applications. The Minimalist Fast-250 and Fast-350 are great in a school flasher set up or when a low key, classy profile is called for. See these examples below:

Sometimes you want the iconography everyone is familiar with; the Adaptive speed limit sign. Available in prismatic White, Yellow, or School Zone “Fluorescent Lime Green”, the Fast-275 with 12″ characters suitable for school zones and the Fast-375‘s 18″ characters for primary and feeder roadways. Either way, the message is unmistakable.

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