Leasing: The Convenient & Affordable Way to Acquire Current Technology

RU2 Systems defines the standard for Radar Display Signs. We also understand that purchasing these systems can really impact your organization’s capital. That’s why we are now implementing a convenient way of obtaining our Display Products through Leasing Alternatives. With RU2 System’s new leasing partnership, you now have a sensible way to obtain new products in a manner that provides significant benefits.

As a leader in Radar Display Signs, we’ve teamed up with another leader, Balboa Capital Corporation. BCC has been providing leasing solutions to businesses nationwide since 1988. Balboa is committed to identifying the leasing option that best meets your organization’s unique requirements.

And what does that mean for you? Leases are arranged in affordable monthly payments, conveniently spread out over terms of 36 and 48 months. You know exactly what you will pay each month, and for how many months. Best of all, because you are paying for the use of the product rather than purchasing, your full payment can be treated like an expense in most cases.

Advantages of Leasing

Nearly any capital asset can be acquired through a lease. When leasing, businesses receive multiple benefits that traditional financing simply can’t match:

Leasing provides total financing. Generally no down payments are required, and lessees pay no extraneous tax, delivery, warranty, or other miscellaneous costs. All costs associated with a purchase can be included in the lease, including delivery and installation.

Leasing conserves working capital. Leasing leaves lines of credit at other financial institutions free for cash-flow purposes, investments, unsecured loans, or unexpected emergencies.

Leasing overcomes budget limitations. Most companies are hampered by capital budget limitations from time to time. Leasing allows businesses to acquire new equipment with easily affordable rental payments.

Leasing provides security against equipment obsolescence. Upgrade and trade-in options can easily be added to a lease agreement. In addition, there are no risks of equipment ownership, and lessees will never be required to resell or remarket obsolete equipment.

Leasing can offer tax savings. When properly structured, monthly lease payments may be fully tax deductible as an operating expense. This savings results in a lower after-tax equipment cost.

Payments are a fixed cost.Monthly lease payments remain the same for the life of the lease, even if interest rates do not.

Leasing provides a faster return on investment. Revenues or savings created as a result of the equipment during the first month often will be in excess of the monthly lease payment, thereby providing an immediate return on investment.

It is important to note that the common thread in each of these benefits is flexibility. Lease payments and terms may be structured based on a businesses particular need. Equipment leasing can be an extremely valuable financial tool for growing businesses while staying competitive in today’s competitive marketplace.


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