Adaptive Displays is the source of the widest line of highly innovative, top quality radar speed signs and radar trailers on the market today. In addition, we make data collection products to assess whether safety enhancement and speed enforcement programs are effective. Our products are being used by construction companies, law enforcement agencies, traffic engineering offices, property management companies, and public works departments. 

Law Enforcement


Respond to citizen complaints with spot speed enforcement, event traffic management, or more efficient deployment through traffic data collection, find it here…

Traffic Engineering

Permanent answers for questionable locations, we have a wide range of Pole Mounted Radar Signs and Data Collection tools for your community…

Industry Safety

Concerned with Powered Industrial Traffic (PIT) inside or out? Employees, vendors, visitors, and contractors, we can make them all “SLOW DOWN” here…

Property Management

Residential or commercial, civilian, and military, we all have Speeders! We have solutions…

Speed radar trailerHere at Adaptive Displays, we are committed to providing the equipment you need to monitor and control traffic patterns in your area. We offer radar-controlled speed limit signs that will alert drivers to how fast they are driving and allow you to monitor the flow of traffic.

Adaptive Displays is a MADE IN THE U.S.A. Company. Our products are designed here and built here. We design and build radar signs, radar trailers, and VMS trailers to help keep our roads and highways safer from speeding vehicles. Wherever your needs are to make drivers aware of their speed, we make a device to fit your needs. Our speed display signs are permanently mounted in school zones, playgrounds, and residential arias were speeding can be dangerous. The radar speed trailers can be easily moved to trouble places as needed. Our Variable Message Sign trailers are designed for multiple use functions to give communities the biggest bang for the buck. They may be used as a speed feedback sign or as a variable message trailer. It is capable of notifying the public about events, safety hazards, or even animations promoting local support.

Alerting drivers to their speed shows positive results in enhancing safety, calming traffic, and improving traffic flow. Almost any roadway can benefit from better traffic patterns-a fact that police departments, highway construction companies, and many other clients have realized. There is no doubt that radar speed signs make our neighborhood streets and highways safer.

We know our clients need radar signs for a variety of types of roadways. And that is why Adaptive Displays manufactures so many different platforms, from our Fast-510 (aka SpeedBoss) Radar Dolly for Powered Industrial Traffic to the imposing Fast-3450 VMS, a heavy-duty product ideal for use on highways and streets where speeding is a problem.

We offer not only radar signs and VMS signs, but also Data Collection, Video Capture, Installation Accessories, and Equipment Refits to assist our clients in using information collected to improve traffic flow by increasing the consistency of drivers speeds. Our data collection technology collects information on drivers’ speeds, as well as consistency between drivers and numbers of drivers. This information provides traffic engineers with valuable data for future roadway designs.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with our products. We take pride in our American design and manufacturing processes. It is our goal to exceed your expectations with the consistent quality, value, and professional service you deserve. Our products are made with only the highest quality materials. Contact our staff today to discuss your traffic control needs.

Whatever your traffic calming needs are, we have a solution for your community.